Watch out world, here I come…Something Personal

This morning I had a look at my home page and I felt proud, I actually achieved a goal that I set for myself a while back. I have a beautiful range of shoots and each one represents me and my style 100%. I actually feel like leaving the post at this, but I already have more to say and expect more from myself.

What’s my next step? Where am I heading to? And why am I limiting myself to my thoughts of my next step? 

I had a moment of boldness last night, I wrote down all the countries where I really want to photograph weddings one day! Watch this space, each and every one of them will be filled within the next few years! I have a dream, and I’m willing to do anything for that dream! At my previous job, I worked for no pay for a very long time just to gain knowledge, now that I have the knowledge and experience I’m ready to go out there and to make my dreams a reality.

[pexcirclecta pex_attr_title=”Let me tell you a little secret, I no longer live to be a good photographer, I’m working to become number one!”][/pexcirclecta]