Teaching? Is this for me?


Recently I was asked to train someone on editing. I was kind of scared doing this, I never considered myself being a great teacher, I limit myself teaching anything at all. But after our session, I remembered that one of my biggest dreams is to one day present workshops, helping photographers. How can I do this if I’m scared of talking in front of more than 6 people at a time?


After attending Christine Meintjes workshop this year, I felt something amazing inside me. I want to do this someday. It’s one of those “AH HAA” moments in life. Seeing Christine sharing all her knowledge. She knows, the amount of  what you put into something, in this case the Photography Industry, you get so much more out of.

You benefit by teaching other people. You need to then think about why you do what you do. Why do you use setting A instead of using setting B on your camera. Something that comes naturally to you, but someone else can benefit from hearing why you do that and by saying this out loud, you’re also re-education yourself on your own ways. When I realised this, I remembered thinking, thats why Christine is such a good Photographer, she is constantly learning herself, even if it is just in her own photography.

The girl I helped said she understands what I taught her, and our session was useful. But I still feel I need to improve on my “communication” skills before attempting something like this again. I need to learn to carry my knowledge over to someone else in a way that’s easy for me to explain and for the recipient to understand and make good use of the supplied info.

Practice makes perfect.