It’s the little things in life

For me a great ending to a day wouldn’t (always) be booking a couple shoot or wedding at some awesome location, receiving a email from a happy client or getting a big package delivered with new equipment. While all that stuff is awesome, and it keeps me driven to achieve more and to do more, that isn’t the bottom line of life.

Having a coffee on a monday morning, catching up with all the office peeps and hearing what they all did over the weekend, sharing interest. Sharing ice cream on the beach after work with a friend.

Having a ‘braai’ with friends every tuesday as office tradition. Enjoying a great sunset on my balcony with a glass of wine.

Knowing I can retreat to my parents farm in Limpopo in the quieter times and catch up with all the family and go for long walks with my dogs and not see one other person for kilometers (that freedom is unexplainable).

This keeps me sane.