It’s okay to take a break every now and then

I haven’t blogged in a while, on the personal side. And that is something I promised myself I would do more this year. I try my best to publish one blog post a week, I write a lot but I don’t always feel that my thoughts can be shared with the world, some of them are way more personal than I think any of the people follow me here would want to know.

My previous week was rough, I had to design a few albums and upload them to Album Exposure, and then had to make the necessary changes after each bride saw her album. With all of this I still had one whole wedding to edit and had to assist Christine with The Pretty Blog’s monthly editorial shoot, which is HUGE. And through all of this I still have to answer emails and manage to keep everything together and force myself to not run for the hills :D

I worked late everyday, staying in the office until about 22:00. During those few hours alone in the office I get so much work done, because I know my reward will be sleep :) I reward myself constantly with small accomplishments during each day, if I edit x amount of images before lunch, I can get something like cookies or a cup of tea with milk AND sugar :D I know it may seem weird for me doing this, but this really helps me to stay motivated.

And this weekend, I decided to not even take my Mac home with me. Because I know, if it is just standing there I will at some point turn it on and go sit in front of it and continue working. I needed to sleep. And I don’t even feel a bit bad about not working these last two days, I need to shut off and enjoy life. So I met up with a friend for breakfast and a walk on the beach, and things like this makes me so peaceful and relaxed.

I even had time to go and buy some new running shoes, something I needed to do from last year but never had the time to do. I’m so stoked, I started running again on sunday afternoon, I feel a bit stiff but I love that feeling :)

My point with this post that I’m trying to bring forward, it’s okay every now and then to just do nothing. Relax a bit, go walk on the beach, go away with family for the weekend, or have lunch with friends. We all need to unwind at some point to build new strength to be able to take on new challenges.

Good luck with your week ;)