From the unexpected things I will will learn

This past weekend I flew to Pretoria to photograph a wedding. And being there I also made the best of it and managed to fit in a family shoot as well. This is where things got interesting, on the family shoot.

I was standing there with my assistant waiting for the family to arrive, and just looked down at my camera. And something caught my eye. My camera battery was half, and at that moment my whole body went cold. I knew I didn’t pack my battery charger, for some unexplainable reason.

When the family arrived I knew I had to keep my cool in front of them and be professional, and I knew my battery would survive this shoot, but definitely not the wedding on sunday morning.

After the family shoot me and my assistant started searching on Google for open camera shops all over Pretoria, but everything closed at 18:00 and I phoned 18:05. In the end we came across a shop in Menlyn, New World. They sell almost everything there. I found a charger there and the day was saved.

What I learned from this experience, pack and always check you have everything, cross check and then check it again before you leave. I’m usually very thorough while packing, and my charger never leaves my camera bag. I make a point of this, I take my charger out of my bag to charge and put it back into the bag afterwards.

If you have something you learned the hard way, through experience, share it :)