Bad situationsain’t nobody got time for that


A few days ago I went to the office like any other day and started working. Answering all my emails and then I grabbed my headphones and started editing. About half an hour into this, I got a call from my rental agent. There is water pouring out of my front door.

I rushed to my apartment. As I approached, a flood of water down the stairs greeted me. My heart sank.

My washing machine’s pipe burst and my whole kitchen and living room was under water. And my living room has fitted carpets. I knew I was going to be busy a while trying to clean this up and fixing the pipe. But I made a choice, am I really going to let this get to me emotionally?

I asked myself a question, how can I use this as an opportunity? So I grabbed my mop and some cleaning products out of the cabinet, and poured it onto the dams of water and started cleaning. I must say my floors are looking nice, all bright and white ;)

This was a very bad experience, but I didn’t let it get me down. I made a choice.

Very little things in life really do get to me because I don’t allow for it to happen, I don’t have any room for negativity in my life and I love seeing the opportunities in every dull situation. Sometimes it’s really something small like just having a beer after dealing with my crisis. Or in this case a cup of tea because it was too early for beer :D