For PhotographersWhat is a Brand?Part 3

Creative businesses are in the business of making peoples dreams come true. Wether you are a photographer, stationer, make-up artist, florist or dress designer etc. We are here to make our clients dream day come together. We are fortunate enough to be part of so many peoples first day of forever. How would you feel if someone didn’t take care of you regarding your big day? If they didn’t reply your emails or didn’t spend time with them discussing all the necessary details?

I’ve learnt this the hard way, every time I’m personally treated badly by a service provider I learn. I’ve learnt so many tips and tricks by just learning what not to do from other people. Something as small and simple as shipping, do you include shipping in your packages? I always do, one for the USB and one for the albums.

Anything more than that is for their own account, but my service includes free next day courier (I use Aramex store-to-door, it’s an inexpensive way to ship throughout South Africa) You hate it when you shop online and need to pay an extra R100 for shipping, why would you want your clients to also hate the experience by adding an uncomfortable PostNet service that they need to pay for? And guess what, I budget for this and work it into my final price. This isn’t coming out of my own pocket, but the way I make it come across is that is a free service, ensuring a pleasant service!

I’ve prided myself on this so far, my clients love the fact that delivery is included in their price. It’s always the small things that leaves the biggest impact :)