For PhotographersWhat is a Brand?Part 2

A brand is not a logo or pretty packaging, although it is a important part of it. Building a brand is like nurturing a plant. You plant a little orange seed and give it water, you cannot see anything yet but you know there will be something big one day. After a while you start noticing a sprout, you get excited, you start paying more attention to it. You buy some nutrients or fertiliser and sprinkle it over. The little sprout is becoming bigger.

You realise to expect the sprout to carry fruit at this stage is impossible right? Why are you expecting your business to do the same after you managed to get a beautiful logo and a website?

Building a brand is the way a client feels and the experiences they have working with you. How long do you wait to reply emails? How do you talk over email, are you friendly and chatty or are you bland and to the point? What type of content to you share on social media? Do you have a separate Instagram account for your personal life or do you use one for business and personal?

Take a hard look at your online social presence, are you a high value business? Would you personally value your pages something of high value or are you happy with what you created so far?