For PhotographersWhat is a Brand?Part 1

A brand is not just one thing, it everything! I have made a few notes for my businesses over the past few weeks and would like to start sharing a bit on what I’m going through and my thoughts.

This question kept popping into my thoughts- What is a brand? A part of my answer came to me one early morning (while I was getting ready for the day). I was standing in front of my closet trying to decide what to wear when I had a moment of clarity, today I need to represent my business, when I leave my house with a pink t-shirt and green shorts in flip flops, it’s not reflecting my business. I need to look the part (and that doesn’t mean you need to only wear Country Road or similar high end brands, just be neat on your personal appearance) Because I am my brand, I am constantly representing it.

What do you wear to a couple shoot or when you have a meeting with your clients? What do you wear to a wedding day? I always wear trousers to a couple shoot (unless its a beach shoot). I always think of the terrain on the shoot, I need to wear shoes that will allow me to move quickly and effortlessly.

On weddings I wear a nice pair of trousers that fits in with the couples colour scheme and theme, I always wear a crisp-clean white dress shirt (when its a formal dress code I’ll add a bow tie) and a pair of comfortable shoes that will hug my feet all day. My hair is neat and combed in place, my beard is short and trimmed and I only wear a hint of aftershave (nothing to overpowering). I make my assistant wear the same (or if it’s a girl, all black with her hair in a pony, very neat and clean) It probably sounds silly talking about this, but little things like this makes a huge impact to the clients and guests.

I have had MANY family and friends come to me during the ceremony or pre-drinks and canapés and just thanking me for making an effort in dressing nice. Another great thing about this, it doubles as camouflage. When you look like the guests, it’s easier to get emotional and spontaneous shots of the guests mingling.

Try it with your next wedding, dump the sneakers and jeans and wear something you think your brand would wear if it was a living person.

  • Candice said:

    very well said and SO true! That is also what sets you apart.